Metro-Mat (Quick-set Slurry Seal)

The Cost-Effective Quick-Set System for Conserving & Protecting Pavement Surfaces


Regardless of the time, effort, and capital that you have invested in a new pavement surface, it quickly becomes vulnerable to weather and surface oxidation. Left unprotected, your investment can literally crumble.


A low-cost pavement conservation and preventive maintenance program, the Metro-Mat system seals out the damage caused by weather and traffic – protecting your capital investment.


Metro-Mat Quickset Slurry Seal is designed to protect the surface of roads with relatively sound pavement structures. Selected aggregates are combined with performance based asphalt emulsion to provide a high quality wearing course. Low energy requirements & environment friendly combined with traffic accessibility in less than two hours. Suit-Kote Metro-Mat meets and exceeds federal, state & FAA slurry seal specifications.

  • Its Application
  • Sealant
  • Wearing course
  • Visual enhancement
  • Friction Course


  • On-site inspection & laboratory design of system.
  • Residents are notified, pavement is cleaned & traffic control is implemented.
  • Quickset Slurry is mixed on site using specialized equipment & applied in single pass.
  • Turnkey operation based on customer preference.


  • Economical product & process.
  • Metro-Mat Quickset Slurry Seal is designed for maximum thin-layer durability & resistance to sunlight, moisture, snow removal, de-icing agents, traffic & oxidation.
  • Eliminates the need for curbing & utility access adjustments.
  • Skid resistant texture.
  • Optimum adherence to existing surface.
  • Attractive appearance; visually enhances lane differentiation & striping.