Cortland, NY Asphalt Rail Terminal

Suit-Kote Asphalt Products is a rail accessible, state-of-the-art liquid asphalt terminal located in the heart of Upstate New York. This strategically located plant has become a very important staple to the Central New York road building and maintenance industry.

Originally designed to focus on supplying Suit-Kote’s internal asphalt emulsion needs, this terminal has grown into a facility capable of much more.  It is currently equipped to supply “neat” asphalt as well as various grades of modified asphalt to the hot mix industry all across the Northeast United States.

All of our asphalt products are laboratory tested in an off-site facility to ensure each formulation meets the highest quality and performance standards. This technical expertise allows for Suit-Kote to continually expand its range of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Combining a focus on customer service and minimizing environmental impacts, Suit-Kote is continually developing ways to improve this facility for the benefit of its customers, employees and the surrounding community.

Located less than a mile from Interstate 81 in Cortland, NY, this facility allows for easy customer access and a wide service area for the delivery and pick up of asphalt products.

Our Products & Facility

Suit-Kote supplies PG 64-22 as well as PG 58-28 and many other "neat" asphalt grades.

Suit-Kote's Modified Asphalt Plant provides DOT approved PG 76-22P, PG 70-22P, PG 64-22P as well as many other specialty grades used in various modified asphalt processes.

A fully enclosed two-bay loading system allows for orderly and quick loading making it easy for our customers to access our products significantly reducing the amount of time spent away from the job site.

The Terminal is supplied with asphalt by rail from refiners located all across North America.