The Solution for Preventing Damage from Cracks


  • Suit-Kote cracksealant is a quick-set, fiberized asphalt cement; custom mixed and heated on a job-specific basis
  • Comprised of high quality AC 20 asphalt and polyester fibers
  • Rubberized crackfiller meeting ASTM-D-3405 is available
  • For optimum performance, Multi-grade is also available with polyester fibers for crackfilling
  • Aggregates are added to the mixture when sealing wide cracks


  • All-weather durability, quick set, elasticity, and adhesion
  • Minimizes surface water penetration, sub-surface ice formation, and traffic erosion
  • Applicable in dry weather conditions as low as 40 degrees F
  • Labor and materials efficiency
  • Effective use of your maintenance dollars


  • Debris and moisture are removed from cracks via air blasting
  • Cracksealant is heated, mixed, and applied using an easily maneuvered all-in-one road unit (1,000 gal. capacity with on-board air compressor, boiler, and mixer)
  • "Extrusion" coverage method penetrates crack and provides 1 1/2" lateral surface seal; surface depth of sealant is only 1/8"
  • Application crew consists of 2 sealant applicants, 1 airblaster, 1 driver, to keep labor costs at a minimum


  • Urban highway, rural, and airport applications
  • Ideal for minimizing crack damage to existing surface
  • Ideal for preparing sub-surface prior to new overlays