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Vertical Integration

By maintaining advanced facilities and retaining our own resources, we are able to vertically integrate all of your project needs, from top to bottom. From on-site analysis engineering services to post-project inspection and follow-up, Suit-Kote capably and efficiently handles every aspect of your project to your complete satisfaction.

We maintain our own hot-mix facilities to ensure premium quality products for our customers. Each facility has its own quality control lab for inspection and testing and are New York State DOT and Penn DOT approved. We can provide a vast range of raw materials and products for a wide variety of applications, from driveways to airport runways and tarmacs.

Our cutting-edge systems and technologies are the result of our fully equipped, state-of-the-art 6,000 square foot laboratory. In addition to ongoing research and development, we also perform rigorous quality control testing on all Suit-Kote products, as well as lab testing on customer projects.

Our newest facility is our central New York railway terminal and polymer plant. From here, we can receive and send large shipments of asphalt products to and from anywhere in North America. Able to store 100,000 tons of material and 40 rail cars at a time, the site has expansion capacity up to 200,000 tons! The terminal adds even more flexibility to our strategically located facilities, enabling us to expand our service areas while providing existing customers with added mobility and timeliness.