Highway Construction

Building a Better Today

The Problem

Over time roadways deteriorate and crumble. This leaves you with road hazards and an unsightly mess.

The Solution

Over 1,000,000 miles have passed through Suit-Kote's pavers in its three generations of family ownership. Suit-Kote has recycled over 1,200 miles, and slurry sealed over 13 million square yards of roadway. Suit-Kote Heavy Highway Construction offers a turnkey operation. Suit-Kote Heavy Highway Construction offers the equipment, materials, resources, and experience needed to carry out a successful project whether it is re-surfacing or a complete development.

The Right Equipment

Suit-Kote's vehicles and machinery are carefully chosen to ensure consistent quality and smooth, on-the-job operation. In addition to our 800 pieces of equipment, Suit-Kote also maintains an "in-house" parts department, service shop, engine repair facility, and paint shop. Each of these facilities is staffed with specialized mechanics and technicians.

Specializes In
  • Heavy Highway Construction
  • Paving
  • Excavation
  • Drainage
  • Airport Runway Surfacing
  • All Heavy Highway Construction
Airport Runways

Suit-Kote works around your schedule to avoid costly flight delays. Suit-Kote also engineers FAA approved mixtures to insure that your runway is both safe and governmental approved. Suit-Kote offers a full range of services specialized engineered towards meeting your needs.

  • Suit-Kote works around your schedule
  • Suit-Kote uses FAA approved mixtures
  • Engineering and construction experience in runway paving
  • Drainage, excavating, and paving specialist work onsite to tailor meet your surfacing needs.

For more information about Suit-Kote's Heavy Highway Construction Division please call (607) 753-1100.