Our Industry Commitment

Heritage Alongside Cutting-Edge Technology

Much has changed as Suit-Kote prepares to enter its ninety-sixth year in existence. And because of our commitment to stay on the leading edge of the technologies of our industry, we feel our industry is all the better for it. Our resources in research and development have enabled us to establish leadership and pioneering positions in major test projects at both state and federal levels, including the federal S.H.R.P. project in the 1990's. We have been a pioneer and proponent of maintenance practices for decades – the same practices which are now emerging as the hot trends at the national level; another testament to the value of Suit-Kote's experience.


Suit-Kote has more than 13 facilities strategically located throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Our centralized geographic position enables us to perform jobs throughout the region with the flexibility and mobility our customers have come to expect. Our response time is second to none in the industry. Suit-Kote proudly serves New York and Pennsylvania, embracing over 100,000 miles of roadway! Our service area extends throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.


Suit-Kote recognizes that our employees represent our most valuable asset. In order to retain the most qualified professionals in the business, we encourage ongoing training and education. Our team of professionals regularly attend seminars, courses, conferences, and hearings offered by industry associations, local governments, and the Department of Transportation.

While taking great pride in the education of our personnel, Suit-Kote is equally proud of our role as an educator within the industry. Customers and legislators alike have enrolled in our "in-house" training program. Additionally, our own professionals have lectured and taught with a number of organizations including, The Cornell Highway School, the Conference of Mayors, the County Highway Conference, the New York State Engineer Conference, NYSCMA, the AGC, the Liquid Asphalt Distributors Association, the AEMA and other nationally recognized conferences.


Our top-of-the-line products and processes are recognized as "best-in-value" in the industry. Every project is evaluated by a team of specialists who then devise a custom solution to meet your unique requirements. This ensures that our products last longer and cost less in terms of total materials used and overall application time. Our higher level of service saves you money in the short and long-term.


Our customers recognize our proven record of excellence in production of quality asphalt products, superior workmanship and leadership in the area of asphalt research and development.

We have played a major role in the scientific advancement of the asphalt emulsion industry into the 21st Century. The diversity of services is our strength, but our field performance is what has allowed us to achieve the best reputation in the business.