An Innovative, Efficient Roadway Rehabilitation Process That Restores Road Grade & Cross Slope


Your low volume road that was constructed over a marginal base has become "out-of-shape," or your low volume road is beginning to see increased traffic patterns. In either case this road does not warrant a costly reconstruction effort, thus making it ideal for reprofiling.


Suit-Kote's Reprofiling is an innovative roadway rehabilitation process. It is a low cost method designed to get your road back into shape by restoring the grade and cross slope to its original specifications. Not to be confused with full-depth reclamation, this process "reprofiles" the upper pavement structure.


  • Low volume roads
  • Shoulder reconstruction


  • Cost-effective base course for low volume roads
  • Grinds existing surface, optional add aggregate and emulsified asphalt into a uniform mixture
  • Provides a uniform grade for a surface course - chip seal, sand seal, cold mix or hot mix top
  • Re-establishes proper grade and cross-slope
  • The Reprofiler's ten-foot pass allows for complete lane mixing on most low volume roads


  • Improves ride quality
  • Less costly than other processes
  • In-place construction minimizes hauling materials to the job-site
  • Provides a more uniform mix texture on which a suitable surface course can be applied
  • Allows for the introduction of asphalt emulsion into the sub-base to help strengthen and prolong the life of the road