Frank & Paul Suits

Our History

Heritage Alongside Cutting-Edge Technology

For nearly as long as there have been motorized vehicles, the Suit-Kote Corporation has engineered and built the roads that carry them. Since the Great Depression, when Harry Suits, Sr. founded this family-owned and operated company, three generations have built a solid reputation and proven themselves as the industry leader and innovator. A long-standing heritage combined with superior engineering and construction techniques, and cutting-edge technologies have given us what we all take for granted — roads!

Investment in Innovation

Suit-Kote's commitment to long-range research and development, product testing, and innovation is readily demonstrated by extensive investments in the latest high-tech lab equipment and in the most qualified and talented personnel. Suit-Kote is proud to produce many of the industry's cutting-edge products and processes in our fully equipped 6,000 square foot laboratory staffed with eminently qualified engineers, chemists, technicians, and quality control assistants. One of our mission-critical objectives is to satisfy our customers' needs today and into the future.

Excellence in Practice

The roads built and maintained by Suit-Kote to endure harsh winter weather along with extreme summer heat require efficient and well-maintained equipment. With over 800 pieces of heavy-duty equipment on hand, we have the capability and capacity to meet the demands of the most challenging projects. In addition, we maintain an in-house parts department, service shop, engine repair facility, and paint shop, all staffed with specialized mechanics and technicians.

Commitment to Quality

Suit-Kote offers a diverse and superior line of products and application engineering methods. No two projects are ever alike; therefore we use our team of technically experienced professionals to create custom solutions that meet the special needs of each customer. From engineering to surface treatments, aggregates, calcium, asphalt cements, high-float emulsions, and blacktop to cold mixes, recycled mixes, and crackfillers, Suit-Kote is your single-source solution for the highest quality products and applications available today.

Suit-Kote is also dedicated to quality control on each and every project. Pre-job inspections, along with extensive product testing throughout construction of the project, ensure the top-notch quality of our products and applications. Our extensive resources, computerized production facilities, comprehensive fleet of equipment and skilled workforce guarantees that your project stays on the "route to excellence."