Tonawanda, NY Terminal

For years, Suit-Kote Corporation has been dedicated to a model of vertical integration and self-sufficiency. As the company has continued on a steady path of managed growth, Suit-Kote has sought to find the most strategic locations to service the marketplace while trying to find more efficient ways to ship and receive raw materials.

The acquisition of the Tonowanda facility, not only represents that latest chapter in Suit-Kote’s advancement, but it also blazes a path for the future of the Company.  The potential of this company now has no limits, and will allow the Company to forge ahead on our terms in our way!

Like many other companies across the United States, Suit-Kote now has access to the most cost effective method for receiving raw materials - barge shipping.  Moving large quantities of asphalt over the country’s lakes and rivers directly from the refiners was the final piece of the puzzle that had remained so elusive for so long.  

Suit-Kote’s Tonawanda facility is capable of storing and processing 35,000 tons of liquid asphalt.  It is accessible by water, rail and truck and is located in an industrially friendly area.  

This new terminal represents the future of the this corporation and it is also the realization of a corporate vision that began in 1921.