About Us

What We Do:

Suit-Kote is a premier producer, provider, and advisor of asphalt emulsions, road preservation services, and construction services from twenty-one strategic locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Suit-Kote also sells and distributes a variety of asphaltic materials throughout the Northeast U.S. from terminals and storage facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. In addition, Suit-Kote offers road building, aggregates, and hot mix asphalt in central New York from our Cortland area plants.

Suit-Kote proudly employs more than 750 skilled individuals, many of whom have been with the company for several decades. Since our founding in 1921, many long-standing and valued employees have helped to pass on the strong values, traditions, and knowledge from prior generations.

It is of the utmost importance to us to bring quality and value to the communities that we serve in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Who We Are:

Suit-Kote’s story started in 1921 when Harry J. Suits Sr. and two friends formed a road construction company called Bolton, Suits, and Gibbs. After his two partners retired, Harry Sr. continued to grow the business for nearly forty years, pursuing his vision to own and operate a premier road paving company and distributor of liquid asphalt products to counties, towns, and villages.

In 1958, Harry Sr. passed away and his two sons, Harry “Bud” Suits Jr. and Frank H Suits Sr., continued to build upon the great foundation and potential established by Harry Sr. to significantly grow the company’s product range, capability, and footprint.

Through many acquisitions and a few name changes under Harry Jr. and Frank Sr., the Suit-Kote name was established in 1982.

Throughout Suit-Kote’s history, product quality and innovation have been core values. A pivotal moment solidifying Suit-Kote’s technical abilities and superior product quality occurred in 1992 when Suit-Kote acquired McConnaughay Technologies – a recognized authority in the development of top-tier asphalt products. This addition equipped Suit-Kote with a team of highly knowledgeable engineers, chemists, and technicians and brought the addition of Mike Guerin to the Suit-Kote family who was a recognized and respected expert in the field. The McConnaughey acquisition was also an early and pivotal step in Suit-Kote’s evolution into the vertically integrated business model we deeply value today.

In 1993, after working for Suit-Kote for over ten years, Frank H Suits Jr. became President with Paul Suits Sr. assuming an executive role with the company. Since that time, Suit-Kote has invested significant resources into securing a large-scale and reliable supply of liquid asphalt for both internal consumption and external distribution. These investments include a network of strategically located rail and marine terminals supporting valued partnerships with our customers and suppliers. Concurrently, Suit-Kote continues to invest heavily into updating its twenty-one facilities throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada.

In 2020, Mike Nolan joined Suit-Kote and took over the role of President in 2021 with Frank Jr. maintaining his role as CEO. Mike has been a vital addition to Suit-Kote and is an important part of our succession planning initiative.

Suit-Kote is proud to be a privately-owned, merit-based company and significant employer in New York and Pennsylvania with a strong, vertically integrated business model, providing a major advantage to us in this highly competitive industry.