Products & Services

Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation has become an industry focus as it improves driver safety and maximizes the taxpayer’s dollar while conserving natural resources. Suit-Kote has been a pioneer in this industry and continues to develop specialized materials and processes while maintaining a focus on our customer’s needs.

Liquid Asphalt Supply

As a vertically integrated company, Suit-Kote possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in both the production and application of Liquid Asphalt Cements in Emulsions and Hot Mix Asphalt. Suit-Kote services our customers from six strategically located terminals in NY, PA, and Ontario, Canada.

Heavy Highway Construction, Blacktop, & Aggregates

Our innovative engineered materials and processes extend the life and maximize the value of the pavements. Our large-scale sand & gravel operation services various customers and also has a large batch and drum plant.

Technical Services

Suit-Kote’s AASHTO resource accredited laboratory is equipped to create and test all types of bituminous materials in the highway construction industry.