The Problem

Some roads designed to be lower volume have experienced increased traffic volumes in recent years, thus becoming insufficient and unsafe. Routine maintenance and conventional overlays are not adequate or cost-effective repair options.


Suit-Kote’s Reprofiling is an innovative roadway rehabilitation process. This low-cost method is designed to bring the road back into shape by restoring the grade and cross slope back to original specifications. Unlike Full-Depth Reclamation, this process “reprofiles” the out of shape upper section of the pavement structure.


  • Low volume roads with sound sub-base materials
  • Shoulder reconstruction


  • Creates a cost-effective intermediate base course for low volume roads with improved grade
  • Improves ride quality
  • Less costly than other conventional rehabilitative processes
  • In-place construction minimizes the removal of spoils for an environmentally sound option
  • Utilizes existing road materials, reducing the need for costly raw material
  • Provides a more uniform mix texture on which a suitable surface course can be applied
  • Allows for the introduction of asphalt emulsion into the sub-base to help strengthen and prolong the life of the road


  • Grinds existing surface, optional aggregate, and emulsified asphalt or chlorides into a uniform mixture
  • Can be surfaced with a High-Float chip seal or cold mix
  • Restores proper grade and cross slope
  • Reprofiler’s ten-foot pass allows for complete single lane mixing on most low volume roads

Suit-Kote also offers Full Depth Reclamation.