Cold-Mix Paving

The Problem

As a roadway ages, it becomes geometrically poor and structurally deficient beyond preventative maintenance as a suitable/cost-effective solution. Thus, the roadway is unable to sustain the volume of traffic it was originally designed to handle.


Suit-Kote Cold Mix Paving offers the customer an economical, long-life alternative to these and many other pavement related problems. Dense graded cold mixes are mixtures that contain DOT compliant coarse and fine aggregates blended with specifically designed High-Float emulsified asphalt resulting in a paving course that has early initial strength with long-term performance and flexibility. More durable and flexible than conventional hot mix, our cold mix delivers a custom base-binder or top course dependent on road conditions and traffic requirements. Cold Mix Paving with High-Float emulsions is the real Warm Mix.


  • Any road that is no longer a candidate for preventative maintenance


  • Lower energy costs because heating of the mix is not required
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Mix can be produced at aggregate source or near the job site, allowing aggregates to be hauled in the off-season
  • Provides long-lasting, durable pavements that tolerate extreme weather cycles
  • Aging at a slower rate versus conventional mixes
  • All materials exceed DOT specifications


  • High-Float emulsion mixtures engineered in-house combined with on-site quality control
  • Pugmill positioned on or near the job site
  • Select aggregates are mixed with emulsified asphalt at ambient temperature and applied on the road with conventional paving equipment
  • Open to traffic after compaction of the mix
  • Surface layer (chip seal, sand seal, slurry, or microsurfacing) provides an asphalt-rich membrane to waterproof and prolong pavement life