Surface Treatment

The Problem

At the road surface, pavement oxidation begins immediately which opens the way for moisture penetration, thereby reducing service life.


An assortment of custom blended High-Float emulsions provides enhanced stone retention, a surface which is less susceptible to climatic temperature changes, and a reduction in construction delays. National studies have shown that the sooner a pavement preservation technique is employed the longer the underlying pavement structure will last.


  • Most pavement surfaces – it can flex with frost-susceptible pavements


  • Highly effective protection against oxidation and intrusion of surface moisture
  • Reduces damage caused by traffic and weather and improves skid resistance
  • Quick-set application process minimizes traffic delays
  • Attractive, homogenous appearance
  • Minimizes the need for continuous repair and postpones major reconstruction
  • Proven as one of the most cost-effective ways of preserving structurally sound pavements


  • Pavement inspection and evaluation
  • Aggregate selection and High-Float emulsion blended based on job requirements
  • Surface preparation: existing cracks and potholes filled
  • Even application of emulsion via fully automated and well-maintained distribution equipment
  • Uniform application of fine or coarse aggregates
  • Immediate rolling to properly seat/embed the aggregate and promote stone retention
  • Polymer modification also available for quicker stone retention