Liquid Asphalt Supply

Liquid Asphalt Supply

We offer a full spectrum of performance grade neat and modified asphalt cements. Because we have numerous large and diverse facilities with many storage tanks, we have an extensive line of neat and modified grades to meet every requirement in the Northeast. In addition, Suit-Kote has an extensive fleet of tractors, trailers, independent haulers, and common carriers to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Polymer Modified Liquid Asphalt Supply

Driven by Suit-Kote’s continuous success and growth in the Emulsion and Hot Mix Asphalt
industry, we have invested heavily in the technology and facilities required to manufacture
high-quality Polymer Modified Asphalts at significant scale.

Suit-Kote offers Polymer Modified Asphalt from our two large New York terminals in Cortland and Tonawanda, providing significant coverage in the region offering 58V-28, 58E-28, 64V-22, 64E-22, 76E-28, 64V-28, and 64E-28.

With our AASHTO Resource accredited Laboratory and experienced personnel, we also can formulate and manufacture asphalt to meet specific customer requests.