Slurry Seal

The Problem

Regardless of the time, effort, and capital invested in a new pavement surface, it quickly becomes vulnerable to weather and surface oxidation.


Suit-Kote’s Metro-Mat quick-set Slurry Seal paving system helps to prolong the life of the underlying pavement structure by reducing the damage caused by weather and traffic thereby protecting your capital investment. It is a low-cost pavement conservation system and preventative maintenance program especially when compared to other hot mix asphalt overlay options. Selected aggregates are combined with a performance-based asphalt emulsion to provide a high-quality wearing course.


  • Residential roads, city streets, etc.


  • Cost-effective, low energy requirements, and environmentally friendly process
  • Accessible to traffic within minutes
  • Extends the life of the overall pavement structure while reducing the pavement’s overall life cycle cost
  • Designed for maximum thin-layer durability and resistance to sunlight, moisture, snow removal, de-icing agents, traffic, and oxidation
  • Eliminates the need for curbing and utility access adjustments
  • Durable and skid resistant texture
  • Optimum adherence to existing surface
  • Attractive appearance – visually enhances lane differentiation & striping
  • Meets and exceeds federal, state, and FAA slurry seal specifications


  • On-site inspection and laboratory design of system
  • Residents are notified, pavement is cleaned, and traffic control is implemented
  • Quick-set Slurry manufactured on-site via highly specialized equipment and applied with a single pass
  • Turnkey operation based on customer preference