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Cold-Mix Paving

The Solution for Preventing Damage from Cracks


An aged roadway needs rebuilding from the sub-base up. Another requires extensive resurfacing. Still another job involves 15 miles of new construction.


Suit-Kote Cold Mix Paving offers you an economical, long-life alternative to these and many other pavement related problems. More durable than conventional hot mix, our cold mix delivers a custom base-binder or top course. Suit-Kote cold mix products combine early strength with the flexibility to perform over marginal base courses.


Whether the job requires an open graded or dense graded mixture, you are assured of the same attention to detail and care that goes into every Suit-Kote design.

  • Open graded mixtures contain coarse aggregate mixed with emulsified asphalt which provides excellent strength, drainage and a long service life
  • Dense graded mixtures contain coarse and fine aggregates mixed with emulsified asphalt, resulting in the same properties of open mixes along with improved initial strength
  • Both mixture types are custom-blended based on job requirements; coarse or fine gradings may be used depending on road condition and traffic requirements
  • Mixing is a cold process performed at ambient temperatures
  • All materials exceed NYS DOT specifications
  • Over forty years of experience in design and application of emulsified asphalt cold mixtures in New York and Pennsylvania


  • Laboratory designed mixtures combined with on-site attention.
  • Pugmill positioned on or near the job site
  • Select aggregates are mixed with emulsified asphalt at ambient temperature and applied on the road with conventional paving equipment
  • Material is mixed and applied without heating
  • The road is opened to traffic after compaction of the mix
  • A surface layer - chip seal, sand seal, slurry, or microsurfacing provides an asphalt rich membrane to prolong the pavement life


  • Lower energy costs because heating is not required
  • Mix can be produced at aggregate source or near the job site, allowing aggregates to be hauled in the off season
  • Properly designed cold mixtures provide long-lasting, durable pavements that tolerate the weather cycles of the Northeast
  • Cold mixes age at a slower rate than conventional mixes


  • Open graded mixes are used as a base and binder for paving course, maintenance and construction
  • Dense graded mixes are used for truing and leveling intermediate, base, binder and pavement courses