Micro Milling


The road is rutted and there are not enough financial resources to do a conventional mill (1-1/2”) and fill (paving) project, and  the road still has adequate structural capabilities. The road can be left alone after micro-milling, or a thin treatment  can be applied afterwards. 

The road may be polished, or has lost appropriate friction characteristics, or micro-milling restores adequate friction properties.


Micro-Milling (full lane width) offers the ability to mill off only the high spots, reducing or eliminating ruts, yet has the ability to daylight (zero inches milling depth)  at the good pavement interface. 

Micro-Milling offers a “tight” milling pattern that does not create an unsafe very course travel surface like conventional milling patterns.

Micro-Milling can be used for line/stripe removal in preparation for thin wearing courses such as  surface treatment, metro mat & micro-surfacing, while also getting the benefit of creating/restoring a proper cross slope to the road.


Micro-Milling is akin to conventional milling from a procedural standpoint except that it moves at much greater speeds (allowing for less user delays) and creates a much finer, more useful, by-product (the resultant millings). 

It is like truing and leveling (T & L ) a road in reverse.